Fancy Goldfish

Goldfish are the classic example of keeping fish in the home, but lots of people don’t realize the wide variety available.

Fancy goldfish are a group of unique varieties that offer a glamorous look to your aquarium. They each have their own selling point, from a pair of fluid-filled sacs to a quadruple tail fin.

Black moor

Unlike other fancy goldfish types, this breed is extremely enduring and can make good pets for new fishkeepers.

Bubble Eye

One of the most fragile goldfish types and probably the slowest swimmers.


Nicknamed “stargazers” because their eyes are locked upward.


Bred in the United States, the Comet goldfish is more playful and active than most other goldfish breeds.


One of the hardiest fancy varieties, Fantail goldfish are recognizable for their split caudal fin.


Lacking a fin on their back (dorsal fin), Lionheads swim very slowly.


Like Lionheads, Orandas also have unique head growth called “wen.”


These fish are hardy and a good choice for beginners. Ryukins are known for the large hump behind their heads.


Known for their calico pattern, Shubunkins are very resilient and make a good first pet for new fish owners.


Aptly named for their protruding eyes. Be careful with sharp decorations.


Gorgeous, delicate and can be rather rare.